Three Digital Media Lies Put to Rest

December 11, 2014 — by Spencer Phillips    

Eric Picard, VP Strategic Partnerships at MediaMath, addressed three digital media lies, and put them to rest, in last week’s “Data Driven Marketing” column in AdExchanger. He opens his article with his “favorite” digital media myth: That an overabundance of supply (read: infinite supply) will drive inventory cost to zero. This scared and deterred publishers from early adoption of programmatic technology, but as Eric explains, this idea of infinite supply actually isn’t the case. On the contrary, Eric estimates that advertisers have around 100 opportunities per hour to reach a targeted audience.

Eric continues to put two other common industry misconceptions to rest by debunking the following statements:

“Ad inventory can be defined by the publisher and divided into pools of undifferentiated impressions.”

“Publishers don’t let buy-side systems access inventory because of potential data leakage.”

Read Eric’s story to learn about unlocking the true value of inventory and creating “win-win” situations for ad sellers and buyers alike by opening up access to data.