The Attention Checklist

January 24, 2023 — by MediaMath    

Attention metrics’ has been generating buzz for a little while now, but its evolution within the advertising industry is only just getting started. As attention metrics and measurement continue to mature, there are a few essential things that you can do as a brand to ensure you are keeping up with changes and ensure your ads continue to grab people’s attention.

Learn more about attention 

As attention continues to evolve, we need to make sure that we are regularly keeping abreast with changes as it relates to the advertising industry. The Attention Council provides a valuable knowledge base with various papers and webinars to help you learn more about attention as a concept in advertising. Read their paper, Linking Attention Metrics and Outcomes, and review the next steps suggested to pick dependent variables and select a methodology that’s best for your marketing efforts.

Plan for attention 

Capturing attention throughout the purchase cycle is paramount, but depending on your brands’ key business outcomes, you may implement specific techniques at different consumer touchpoints.


As you plan for attention, consider asking the below questions to help you identify where to focus on capturing attention:

  • How will attention be measured?
  • Is the metric a proxy attention metric or a true attention metric?
  • If working with a panel, are the participants opt-in?
  • What attributes about the panel are shared?

As consumer attention is dynamic, there is no single approach to success. The team at have an interactive tool to help you evaluate benchmarks in attention across a variety of facets:

To learn more about attention metrics or to find out how MediaMath can help you implement them into your media buying strategy, download our attention metrics whitepaper or contact your MediaMath rep.