Targeting and Measurement in CTV

October 23, 2020 — by MediaMath    

IAB Europe recently held a virtual CTV event in which our VP of Client Success, Noemi McKee, moderated a panel on the challenges and solutions around targeting and measurement. t’s not possible to just copy digital tactics and apply them to CTV, so the panel of measurement experts from Integral Ad Science, Oracle, DoubleVerify, Comscore and Kantar Insights Division shared their guidance and best practices on CTV measurement and campaign performance.

“It’s really terrific that connected TV really does merge perfectly television and digital capabilities together,” said Carol Hinnant, CRO, Comscore. “You get the reach and frequency with the addressability of digital.

“But the challenge for connected TV in the current state is really from a representativeness to the marketplace, a standardization of the various CTV manufacturers. It’s one thing to have TVs shipped, but it’s another thing to have the data harvested and then standardized in a method that is consistent across the various groups.”

Of course, knowing what your goals are as an advertiser running a CTV campaign is critical.

“The key thing is really to evaluate at the start of that campaign what are you trying to achieve from the CTV activity,” said Kristanne Roberts, Global Development Director, Kantar Insights Division. “Are you looking to get incremental reach on your campaign? Are you looking to really drive home some messaging with specific audiences? And from that, you can start to work through what is the appropriate method for that measurement.”

Watch the full 30-minute panel below.