Supply Chain Excellence: How to Get Results, Avoid Fraud and Boost Your Total Buying Power

January 15, 2019 — by MediaMath    

Right now, marketing isn’t working for a lot of people.

It definitely is not working for marketers who, even now, more than two decades into digital and more than a decade into programmatic, are still left to wonder which half of their ads will work. Not publishers, who are getting squeezed from every direction. Not consumers, who recognize that they are the product.

Legacy infrastructure and legacy processes are part of the problem—the Internet as constructed was never intended to sensibly connect the diverse and complex technologies brought to bear by the myriad, diverse constituents in our industry. Many of the longstanding problems we’ve confronted—fraud, lack of transparency—are a direct result. And consumers have gotten the worst end of the deal, with clunky, irrelevant experiences and mystery surrounding the use of their data.

But there is a way forward that lets marketers maximize their investments without sacrifice and without compromising their values, lets publishers create the content that consumers want and the independent journalism that the world needs and lets consumers defend their right to a free and open Internet. It all starts with recognizing, understanding and respecting the consumer, and then reaching high-value audiences through access to high-quality supply. We’ve focused on the second part of the equation in our whitepaper, in which we share how marketers can make better decisions about their supply strategy, taking a holistic approach to get the outcomes they want and deserve. Our analysis is supported by research from our own demand-side platform.

Supply Chain Excellence: How to Get Results, Avoid Fraud and Boost Your Total Buying Power

Download this report to learn:

  • How a misaligned supply strategy can lead to wasted time and budget, a lack of quality and a higher risk of fraud
  • The ideal scenarios in which to use private marketplaces, preferred deals or programmatic guaranteed
  • Three approaches for effective deal management that maintain the benefits of privilege and keep the true costs of media management low

Today’s media buyers want—and deserve—results. They want promises, and they want to be recognized for their total buying power over time, not just the fleeting auction-of-the moment. We can work together to make that a reality.