Spreading the Digital Dividends of Programmatic to More People and Markets: NMI in Mexico

November 19, 2018 — by MediaMath    

MediaMath is committed to driving deeper the digital dividends of programmatic advertising to a more diverse and inclusive group of people at home and abroad.  It is the right thing to do and presents limitless potential for growth. It is also a good thing to do for a world hungry for the innovation, jobs and prosperity that the digital economy can drive.

We are blessed that our company, employees and sector have benefited from the development and exponential growth of programmatic, automated, digital marketing in the United States. But from the beginning, though born in America, we have aimed to have a global footprint, including in a number of growing markets in Latin America. We want people everywhere to share in the bounty that data-driven digital marketing can create as a sector and as a tool used economy-wide to sell goods and services and, in turn, create jobs and sustain communities.

In pursuit of that mission, I recently traveled to Mexico to meet with industry leaders, university marketing professors and Mexican students at seven universities. I was energized by the aspiration of that community to develop and grow the skills, talent, networks and community necessary to bring marketing in Mexico into the digital age. We intend to help them do it.

The education and training arm of MediaMath that I lead, the New Marketing Institute, is developing curriculum, programs and partnerships to speed up the harvesting of the native marketing tech talent necessary to make Mexico a leader in our sector. We started with this trip, establishing the relationships and seeding the partnerships with industry and academia necessary to systematically roll out digital marketing curriculum and training across the sector.

As a next step, we will provide Spanish language training for professors to acquire an understanding of how programmatic marketing works, the technology involved and how a marketing message gets from advertisers to digital devices and publishers where a consumer receives that message. That “train-the-trainer” strategy will enable them to then teach their own students at the universities we target as partners. Over time, we will introduce curriculum and training in more advanced categories ranging from the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology for marketing to how to construct audiences and segments in a way that respects consumers and the permissions they grant for the use of their information.

As these students move through their education and enter the market, they will work for clients and competitors in Mexico, building a vibrant community that will grow the pie for everyone. These seeds will ripen, and with their native knowledge of the market in which they were raised and live and shared commitment to “meeting each learner where they are,” they will, in turn, make a digital Mexico prosperous and strong.