Re-Making the Brand: FanDuel

January 2, 2019 — by MediaMath    

In the fall, we introduced a brand new video series called “Re-Making the Brand: People, Processes and Partnerships in the Age of Programmatic.” Off the back of our Tech & Talent playbook, we wanted to explore how brands are driving organizational adoption of programmatic and managing the change that it requires from an operational perspective. We are excited to share our first interview with a brand client, daily fantasy sports provider FanDuel. We sat down with Aaron Dugan, Director, Online Marketing, and Alex Kuwada, Digital Marketing Manager, Programmatic (and MediaMath alumnus!).

Kuwada says his company is already seeing results after changing its programmatic operating model.

“I’d say the wins to date are performance gains, tapping into new supply, audience testing, being able to work with the DMP.”

According to Dugan, brands looking to drive organizational change around programmatic must “understand your business goals and objectives” and then create “a structured roadmap as to how you want to get there or how you can get there.”

“That includes things such as the tech partners that you onboard, the media partners you work with and the structures and functions around your organization.”