Project Purpose-Driven Advertising

April 2, 2020 — by MediaMath    

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, news publications and channels are delivering uncensored information to us in real-time so that we can hold those in power accountable and force them to action. News publishers are also giving us a sense of where we stand and what to expect. It is a critical and foundational function.

But of the roughly half of brands that are still advertising via shifting budget to other channels, many are blocking the rising amount of news content they know people need but that they believe might put their brands next to a negative story. The result of rising advertising inventory supply and stalled demand for it as well as content that frightens marketers is that as people pursue quality information on quality publishers, the traffic is rising, but ads are not meeting those consumers.

It is our aim to help fix that problem. Through a broader initiative called Project Purpose-Driven Advertising that calls for marketers to reenter the market during these unprecedented times, we are partnering with Peer39 to enable marketers to curb the blunt-force decision of avoiding advertising on entire swaths of news through global keyword blocking on our buying platform. We are encouraging marketers to adopt tailored approaches to brand safety relying on data analytics and machine learning to assess the context in which keywords appear. A significant percentage of content that they would otherwise block is actually still safe to advertise on. Many of these stories are stories of human generosity or simply a straight reporting of facts and what people can do in response.

The Peer39 capabilities executed on our platform that clients can act on now should allow for dramatically greater monetization of necessary publisher properties. We are also making that capability available to all marketers on our platform and working with publisher partners on how to best package media for buyers under the program. This calls out the essence of Purpose-Driven Advertising—properly valuing and compensating quality content and financing a healthy media environment while building lasting relationships with consumers. We believe that marketers can profit in the process of redirecting and renewing their investment in marketing towards quality content during this critical time. This project intends to prove it.

The media ecosystem is allowing us to shelter in place while staying connected to others or distracting ourselves by binge-watching something entertaining. Time that consumers spend on streaming services has increased 40 percent. Our platform and our partners enable marketers to address consumers using those services at scale. Now is the time to reenter the marketplace, reengage with consumers, tell them where you stand, and that we will get through this together.

Find out more about how to activate our Peer39 solution for your brand today here.