Preparing for global digital advertising privacy & security compliance changes in 2023

September 12, 2022 — by Fiona Campbell-Webster    

Where are we now in the global digital advertising privacy landscape?
A complex global and state level web of privacy regulations has made it a requirement that companies staff and invest in global privacy and security compliance, with an eye to the consumer. MediaMath welcomes the shift towards consumer-first privacy, we believe programmatic advertising should be conducted in transparent,  high quality media environments that keep consumer interest top of mind.  

Read More: Global predictions: Article by Gartner: Gartner forecasts consumer data protection will cover three-quarters of all people by 2024  

What’s MediaMath doing in response to these global privacy challenges?  

Future-proof our platform: We continue to future-proof our platform and global privacy and security program to support our client’s, partner’s and vendor’s efforts to do the same. But we need to scale our efforts. Due to rapidly evolving global privacy changes, we will continue to invest and increase our investment in our privacy and security programs and product resources, as well as build strategic partnerships with privacy-enhancing technologies (PETS). Read More: IAB Tech Labs work on PETS  

Trust & Transparency: MediaMath ensures consumer trust is amplified through our supply chain. We collaborate with our partnerships and ecosystems teams to enhance our privacy-first position by building partnerships with partners such as SOURCEPOINT to provide clients with “greater visibility into the quality of their media buys using commitment to privacy as a new metric. 

Security, Scale & Efficiency: We aim to automate our internal and external privacy, security and data governance compliance wherever possible, through the use of technologies for consumer requests, targeted data discovery, data mapping and vendor data privacy impact assessments. There are ongoing reviews and improvements of MediaMath privacy and security controls and assessments (SOC 2, Risk assessments, Pen Test, etc.) to strengthen and ensure full compliance with regulatory requirements and security best practises. This includes but is not limited to the EU General Data Protection Regulation.  MediaMath also participates in programs such as TAG to help combat fraudulent and criminal activity in digital advertising 

Industry participation: We regularly engage with industry trade groups including IAB Europe, IAB US, IAB Tech Lab, the NAI US, the DAA, DAAC and EDAA to ensure our point of view is influencing positive outcomes for our clients and the wider industry, which depends on the continued success of the digital advertising sector outside the walled gardens. We are also participating on several privacy-driven working groups, including: 

Privacy, Security & Identity Hub: We have created a MediaMath Privacy, Security & Identity Hub on our website where you can find updates and articles on what’s happening. 


MediaMath has assembled a strong privacy and security team who report into our General Counsel, Ingrid Hackett, under the Legal & Compliance team. Our global privacy compliance is headed up by our Chief Privacy Officer, Fiona Campbell-Webster, in the USA, as well our official Data Protection Officer, James Kerr in Europe and the U.K, each with clearly delineated responsibilities. Our security compliance team is headed up by Simone Wynter, Head of Information Security and Compliance, supported by Clifford Andam, Sr. Analyst, Security & Compliance. We work together with the product team along with Ferdinand David, VP, Product, Policy & Compliance, who reports to our Chief Product Officer, Anudit Vikram. We collaborate to continuously assess and refine our capability to technically comply with the legal and privacy requirements of all global applicable privacy and data protection laws. We have a clear goal to support positive business outcomes for our clients by building and scaling privacy-first security trusted programmatic journeys through transparency and choice for the consumer. 


We help shape privacy regulations worldwide, but also conduct privacy and security risk assessments of our internal controls including vetting of all partnerships, vendors, and internal product initiatives. In addition to policy, we are well prepared to handle changing privacy and security regulations from a product standpoint, where we are agnostic and flexible to future, and embrace more privacy friendly approaches to user targeting, whether it be via first party identifiers or a more aggregated, cohort approach. We are foremost laser-focused on helping unlock revenue opportunities for our clients and drive more efficient results while strengthening our industry leadership position on privacy, security and identity. Our mission is to help the business accelerate business objectives with responsive and insightful guidance to maximize value and optimize risk, while sustaining a world-class, industry-leading privacy and security compliance culture.  

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