Optimizing for Video Ad Completion: A Retail Case Study

September 2, 2015 — by John DeFilippis    

With online video ad completion rates growing year over year across devices, it’s becoming clear to marketers that online video advertising is a channel that can’t be ignored. That’s why programmatic video advertising is so appealing to marketers. One MediaMath client, a major office supply retailer fundamentally understood the effectiveness of online video advertising, and was primarily concerned in optimizing their video campaigns for video completions.

The retailer used MediaMath’s TerminalOne platform to optimize their video advertising campaigns. Key features and capabilities of MediaMath’s TerminalOne video offering include:

• Unmatched global scale from major exchanges, private marketplaces, YouTube, Facebook, and local international inventory (which refers to local language sites that are typically produced in that country/region with local content and have the country domain)

• Mobile video supply with access to tens of billions of global monthly impressions for mobile video inventory across the industry’s top supply sources

• Data management targeting and measurement that allows marketers to easily onboard their CRM data and 3rd party data for use in video advertising campaigns

• Video specific audience measurement that allows marketers to seamlessly align TV and digital media plans to gain maximum exposure

• Goal-based optimization that empowers marketers to optimize campaigns to any measurable goal

• Global campaign management that enables frequency capping and budgeting across video, display, social, and mobile for more efficient media buying

• Robust brand safety tools, including pre-bid brand safety from MediaMath OPEN partner Integral Ad Science

The client worked closely with the MediaMath team to realize their campaign goal: to optimize performance towards the cost per 100% video completion. They also hoped to increase daily completed views overall with the same spend levels– ultimately improving their CPA.

Utilizing MediaMath’s TerminalOne, the client was able to:

• Optimize campaigns using daily auto spend caps, frequency management, and setting strategy budget pacing

• Leverage MediaMath’s data providers and partner technologies to contextually target videos, target specific websites, and create tiered bidding setups based on targeting types

• Tailor video creatives to contextually target on relevant websites

As a result of their partnership with MediaMath, the retailer saw a performance increase in video completions and at the same time, gained insight into strategy level performance across contextual categories and bidding tiers. Through video completion remarketing, the office supply retailer was also able to increase their display reach and performance.

What are your goals for your own video campaigns? Learn more about how TerminalOne can help you achieve them.