One Tough Question: Is Poor Data Quality Derailing Your Campaign’s Results?

May 10, 2017 — by Lauren Fritsky    

DMNews recently issued an eBook titled “One Tough Question” on data quality. In it, they ask specifically what steps marketers should take to ensure first-party data is reliable, non-duplicative, up-to-date and has the probabilistic data needed to enrich it. Philipp Tsipman, VP, Audience Identity for MediaMath, provided the below answer:

“High-quality data is critical to high-impact direct marketing. Whether clients have a number of existing data vendors or are assessing a new one, we recommend they start with an assessment RFI ensuring that the data vendor is clear about the accuracy and scale of its data and quality practices and that its data is right for the client’s use case. For cross-device solutions, the Data and Marketing Association’s XDID RFI is a good place to start.

If you have an existing known set of shopper data, we recommend that you also run a live two-part quality assessment pilot. Request your quantitative analytics or data science team to compare the data samples from various data vendors against each other. Second, run a marketing campaign using data from each vendor to compare performance. Stepping back to invest in internal data quality best practices and working with vendors who see data accuracy and quality as key differentiators is well worth the investment.”

Download the full eBook here.