No PhD Required: Get Your Omnichannel Marketing Certificate

November 15, 2017 — by Michelle Said    


It’s a concept that is crucial to digital marketing, but can sometimes seem as if you would need a doctorate in order to fully understand it, let alone embrace it.

That’s why MediaMath has partnered with the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and Optikal to create a certification track based on the core concepts of omnichannel marketing.

In order to understand the field as a whole, marketers need to know the basics of programmatic and the different types of media buying opportunities that are available today. From learning about exchanges to direct buys, marketers who want to be up-to-speed in the programmatic space require the mastery of knowledge regarding different media buying opportunities.

However, once you learn about the other factors at play, you can begin to see how all of these factors are linked together. From there, you can start to understand how mastery over each element creates savvier marketers, which leads to more effective and efficient marketing.

MediaMath’s Senior Manager of Programmatic Education, Michelle Said, Optikal’s CEO and Managing Partner James Fink, and Professor Susan K. Jones have created a robust course track that takes attendees from the core concept of integrated marketing, to understanding the customer journey through an omnichannel lens, to deep subject matter understanding of core technologies across social, video, and mobile.

Modules include:

  • Integrated Marketing
  • Next Generation Omnichannel Marketing
  • Mapping the Customer Journey with Omnichannel Marketing
  • Transmission in Omnichannel Marketing
  • Programmatic Marketing & Media Buying
  • Omnichannel Video Marketing
  • Omnichannel Mobile Marketing
  • Omnichannel Social Media Marketing

Sign up today at this link and take advantage of this self-paced eLearning track.

Michelle Said

Michelle Said is the Senior Manager, Business Development and Global Expansion at the New Marketing Institute, and uses her 10 years of experience the online space to educate others in NMI’s industry-leading Introduction to Digital Marketing and Omnichannel certification courses. Prior to joining NMI/MediaMath, she worked in all sides of the industry, first in establishing the certification process at EyeWonder and helping to lead the company’s office in Dublin, Ireland, before trying her hand in the programmatic ad space in account management and yield delivery positions in the ad network world. Michelle earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and English from the University of Southern California and watches movies religiously in Brooklyn.