NMI Brings Programmatic Education to Dentsu Aegis Senior Leaders in APAC

March 23, 2017 — by Marrah Africa    

In the complex and ever-evolving world of programmatic, New Marketing Institute (NMI) believes that to engage, educate and empower today’s marketers, we need to meet the learners where they are.

In APAC, where markets are in different stages of programmatic adoption, this becomes even more crucial. You have mature markets like Australia and Japan where conversations on programmatic are highly sophisticated versus emerging markets like India and Korea where conversations can begin with explaining what programmatic and RTB are and why programmatic isn’t just a line item on the media plan.

Other than market nuisances, “meeting the learners where they are” is important because the industry has grown so rapidly that more people need to understand and be involved. People coming from different backgrounds find themselves in roles that require them to be experts in the field. Different roles in an organization require different levels of involvement in programmatic. For example, a trader, a media planner and a CEO will have different marketing priorities and motivations.

Dentsu Aegis’s programmatic agency, Amnet, also recognized this need to educate and wanted to train Dentsu Aegis senior leaders on programmatic to enable them to lead conversations internally and externally across their APAC agencies.

NMI offered to conduct an executive workshop. The Programmatic Leadership Workshop was specifically designed for senior leaders and aimed to go beyond definitions and trends and instead provide attendees with the right foundations in programmatic to help them with their overall business strategy.

Developing the curriculum and content for this workshop involved collaboration across teams, cultures and time zones. After the initial selection of topics, the NMI team worked very closely with internal SMEs and Amnet to customize the first session and then re-work the content based on participant feedback and review by the facilitators involved. Taking the time to figure out what we should include in the workshop to meet their needs enabled us to deliver relevant information to executives excited about offering their clients a way into programmatic marketing and a rationale for doing so. The reception our workshop received surprised and delighted the NMI team and we seek to continue to provide comprehensive Executive Education and support to more APAC executives and executives globally.

“The Programmatic Leadership Workshop helped us gain a very good understanding of the ever-evolving programmatic landscape and prepared us to have more sophisticated conversations both internally and with our clients,” said Nick Waters, CEO Dentsu Aegis Network APAC. “This serves as a great foundation of the upcoming education program that we plan to roll out within Dentsu Aegis Network.”

To read more about the workshop and the results, read the full case study here.