Multicultural Marketing Playbook

June 12, 2019 — by MediaMath    

The multicultural market will represent $4.6 trillion in total spending by 2020. Multicultural youths are the future of the U.S., growing by over 2.3M every year. Marketing to influential ethnic groups requires a deep understanding of their specific cultures and the roles these cultures play within their daily lives. But how do marketers do this in both a strategic and a tactical way?

Back in April, we announced our commitment to investing in multicultural marketing and inclusion at MediaMath with the appointment of Elise James-Decruise, founder and former Head of Education for our New Marketing Institute, as our first-ever Head of Multicultural Marketing & Inclusion. Under her remit, MediaMath intends to assess and grow current diversity and inclusion programs and develop and strengthen external partnerships with clients, trade associations and the ecosystem more broadly in our efforts to cultivate and advance multicultural awareness, growth initiatives and thought leadership.

Today, just two days before Elise will present at the IAB’s Cross-Cultural Marketing Day in New York City, we have launched the playbook “10 Steps to Improving Multicultural Programmatic Campaigns” to help programmatic traders consider the entirety of their cultural audience’s journey—the actual “hands-on-keyboard” way to make multicultural marketing a reality.

Download this guide to learn:

  • Best practices pre-campaign, during campaign setup and for in-flight optimizations
  • Free tools for doing analyses and understanding differences and interests among cultures
  • Certain cultural nuances to consider when running marketing campaigns

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