Money, Time, and Peace of Mind: MediaMath Traders Trade Up with DBA

July 30, 2021 — by MediaMath    

On the way to the coffee pot to fill his first cup of the day, several thoughts cross Steven’s mind. “How many did Embiid put up last night” he wonders grabbing his mug. These are the easier morning ponderings before he encounters a more pressing thought: “This remarketing campaign is performing fine as is, so should I shift budgets around?” He hasn’t even poured milk into his coffee. This is every day for Steven.

He’s not alone either. At many of MediaMath’s partners, traders not only manage campaign setup and execution, but they also juggle that responsibility alongside media planning and reporting. It’s a full plate that makes maximizing campaign and personal performance difficult. The through line of these challenges is that there isn’t enough time in the day. Whether it be managing campaign pacing and performance, discovering and funding best performing strategies or simply ensuring that incremental budget can be spent, these are opportunities to introduce automation.

For many traders, automation has been most synonymous with bidding algorithms, but through a new beta product, Dynamic Budget Allocation, MediaMath is unlocking more time in trader’s days. “DBA saves me 3 hours a week” Steven Choi, a MediaMath trader, said.

To achieve those time savings, Dynamic Budget Allocation excels in two ways. Through machine learning techniques, it profiles live bidding behavior to automate goal values based on real-time pacing. Next, it automatically adjusts strategy budgets daily to optimize toward performance goals and pacing constraints. Activated across 50 campaigns and 750 strategies, the time savings become meaningful quickly.

As part of the Beta, clients are starting to see success beyond time savings. Dynamic Budget Allocation drove a 58% lower CPA for a large B2B tech company in Q1. For a large national retailer, it increased ROI by 155% while decreasing eCPMs by 25%. Traders are reporting that campaigns are pacing more evenly throughout the day, and that the best performing strategies are adequately funded.

“DBA literally makes my life better,” Choi said. Maybe that’s because he has extra time to pull up Sixers highlights alongside his morning coffee. Maybe it’s because he’s able to spend more time each week creating campaign recommendations for his clients. Two things are certain, though. His campaigns are performing well, and it’s requiring less of his time.