Meeting the Learner Where They Are with NMI Learn

August 13, 2018 — by MediaMath    

The way we learn has changed dramatically in the last two decades, from a standardized, classroom-based, instructor-led framework to one that uses the full gamut of digital tools to create a new kind of learning experience. These tools make training interactive, virtual, mobile and available anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

NMI is proud to announce that eLearning is now available. NMI Learn ensures that we are meeting the learner where they are, so that they are prepared with the skills and knowledge to meet current and future challenges.

The variety of content and delivery NMI Learn offers meets the different and specific needs of our diverse community of eLearners. Advantages of eLearning include a high level of learner engagement, fast delivery and easy and accurate tracking, certification and reporting. It is also self-paced, which is highly motivational for adult learners.

So, what can you expect from NMI Learn? There’s the personalised dashboard to keep track of your progress. You will also be part of a culture of learning that embeds best practice, new methods of delivery such as gamification and podcasts. And of course, you’ll get to peruse content that ranges from bitesize to comprehensive online programs and has the learner at its core.

If you’re yearning for even more convenient learning, NMI Learn is mobile-friendly to allow learners to access content through the Adobe Captivate Prime app, even when offline.

Brand new tutorials are live now on NMI Learn for Clients and MM Learn for Mathletes. Simply visit to register and log on.

Stay tuned for more incredible eLearning coming your way soon.