MediaMath’s Newest Paper Guides Retail Marketers to Omni-Channel Success

May 7, 2015 — by Spencer Phillips    

As consumers jump instantaneously from channel to channel and device to device, retail marketers are tasked with understanding consumers’ individual habits and creating consistent and relevant experiences for each of them. The need for personalization and proliferation of digital shopping channels has influenced marketers to shift media dollars to programmatic marketing, however many are still struggling to advance their marketing strategies.

Addressing this challenge, MediaMath and eTail, surveyed more than 115 retail marketers and developed a white paper to explore how programmatic marketing enables brands to influence consumer journeys across digital channels to drive business outcomes.  Additionally, the white paper shares insights into some of the most common goals supported by programmatic and the return that marketers have seen from their programmatic campaigns.

A few key findings from the white paper include:

Programmatic drives business outcomes. While improving brand awareness and media ROI were the top business goals retailers are supporting with programmatic, 85% of respondents said that programmatic helps them drive better overall business outcomes.

Programmatic is used across the complete path to purchase. Almost a third of retail brands are utilizing programmatic for the complete path to purchase, from customer acquisition to cross-sells and engagement opportunities for existing customers.

Programmatic is effective for cross-channel consumer engagement. Retailers that have implemented programmatic across multiple media channels are 10% more likely to dynamically target using 1st and 3rd party data than those that are not.

To download the white paper, click here, and learn more about MediaMath Retail here.