MediaMath Wins Best Account Support Ahead of Competitors for the Second Time in AdExchanger Awards

May 29, 2020 — by MediaMath    

People matter more than ever right now—even if we remain connected to each other in a mostly virtual capacity.

A week ago, we won an AdExchanger Award for Best Account Support by a Technology Company for the second year in a row, ahead of some of our biggest competitors. This award means so much because it’s won in the trenches. It is a validation of the efforts of each individual within our customer-facing organization, who sees each engagement with our customers as an opportunity to deepen our partnership.

With this incredible industry validation—-some of the award judges were our own clients and partners—we took time to reflect on the initiatives that continue to frame our differentiated engagement approach.

Customers at the core

MediaMath has a continuous culture of evolving our customer engagement model with a focus on customer-centricity. Right before COVID hit, MediaMath reorganized its Commercial side of the house into six verticalized pods in North America and four in EMEA. Each pod is aligned with specific individuals from our Customer Success organization to drive seamless consistency for both internal teams and clients. It is, in effect—to use a term top of mind for many of us during this chaotic time—a support system. This structure has not only brought us closer (in a social distancing-approved way) both to each other and to our clients during a time in which we need to be in virtual lockstep to carry on business over Zoom and Slack and email. It has also brought us closer to living the principles of SOURCE—accountability, addressability and alignment—through our people.

With our pods, three previous existing customer relationships—trading, client services and business development—report up unto the same structure and are focused on driving differentiation presale through to execution. Think of it as a realigned customer center of excellence. The learnings we garner from our customers allow us to be agile in responding to other client needs, especially during critical times like COVID-19.

Lean on us

Our Support function, which ensures clients get expertise and seamless execution of marketing campaigns when it comes to our DSP or other MediaMath products and offerings, has gone through a complete transformation. Historically, a rotating cast of individuals would pick up client tickets. We wanted to create a stronger relationship with our clients by providing a consistent team they could count on each day. So, this function reformed itself through the pods and matched individuals with specific clients to provide a deep understanding of their businesses and have the same team supporting them on an ongoing basis. We also redesigned our customer portal to provide an easy and streamlined process for clients to keep track of all the tickets they have opened, recommended articles based on keywords they type and more.

Happy teams, happy clients

Our teams have experienced an uptick in cohesiveness, resolution time and their ability to get information across to clients thanks to these changes in structure and process. Improvements to efficiency and scale have made them a happier working group, which has strengthened their commitment to serving our clients. It is my absolute pleasure and fortune to lead this talented group of people who are in the trenches daily. As the market continues reinforcing the importance of services, our people will continue holding themselves to the same standards of transparency, efficiency and alignment that we hold our products and partners to so clients can achieve outstanding outcomes.