Looking To Stand Out From The Clutter of Ads

January 31, 2023 — by MediaMath    

The average person sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads in a single day, so what can you do to make your ad stand out and capture your audience’s attention?


Start with what you can measure. Buy and optimize ad placement with high viewability, understanding that is only a foundation to securing attention. Ads work best when consumers are attentive to the screen.


As mentioned in our earlier blog ‘7 ways attention metrics impact media buying’, creative fatigue happens, but consumer sentiment and content consumption change over time too.

Your creatives are the first thing that consumers see when looking at your ad, making it one of the most important components of your campaign. To ensure that your target audience actually sees your ad and it stands out, you need to ensure that the creative reflects your brand and that it’s impactful. First impressions count and it’s what helps shape the brand perception among people and gets them to click and interact with your ad in the first instance.

This means you are not only keeping up with the latest creative trends but also creating something eye-catching to stand out amongst thousands of ads people are seeing a day.


With a methodology and measurement partner in hand, you’ll be primed for the early wave of attention targeting opportunities. MediaMath works with a range of partners such as:

  • Realeyes – their quality score function determines the attention strength of a video creative asset,.
  • DoubleVerify, Oracle and Carity by GumGum – for targeting in ad platforms, ad position, player audibility and even app/domain allow and blocklists.
  • Adelaide, Amplified Intelligence, DoubleVerify, Lumen, Oracle/Moat, and TVision – for several tag-based measurement solutions that can be used to measure attention and/or poxy for attention.

All of these solutions can be implemented on your campaigns in the MediaMath platform today. By optimizing for attention, flexing your creativity by designing impactful ads and taking advantage of MediaMath’s partnerships that specialize in attention metrics, you have the recipe for success! You can’t do one thing and expect your ad to stand out and perform well, you need to combine all of the above strategies to ensure you have the highest chance of achieving your business goals.

Contact your MediaMath representative today to find out more information or download our full Attention Metrics Whitepaper.