It’s That Time of Year: Smoothly Transition Your Campaigns Into 2015

December 17, 2014 — by Jordan Duthie    

With 2014 nearing a close, it’s the perfect time for advertisers to determine if their campaigns are set up for a smooth transition into the new year. Keep in mind the following tips to avoid making last-minute headache ridden changes on January 1st.

1. Double-check campaign end dates
Make sure to plan your budget flighting ahead of time and know when your holiday campaigns end and your non-holiday campaigns are scheduled to resume. If you set up your new flights now, they will automatically kick into gear, and you’ll roll into 2015 with ease.

2. Adjust your campaign strategies
Did you set up a marketing campaign specific to the holidays? Great! But, if you have been optimizing against the increase in holiday conversions, be sure to adjust your strategy to reflect pre-holiday learnings so you can truly make the most of the retail “off-season.”

3. Pre-negotiate publisher deals now
Ensure that previous publisher deals haven’t expired (and that your publisher rates will remain constant) and begin pre-negotiation for upcoming deals. This is especially helpful if the beginning of the year is a competitive time in your vertical.

4. Be aware of supply changes and improvements
Note that general supply competition decreases from December to January. This is a great time to take advantage of increased supply availability and lower prices! Exchange partners have noted up to 30% CPM decreases, along with reciprocal increases in overall supply.

Take these tips into consideration before you go leave for holiday break and you can be sure to start 2015 off on the right foot.