Four Steps Marketers Should Take to Optimize Festive Online Marketing Campaigns

January 7, 2016 — by Isman Tanuri    

This article originally appeared on iChainnel.

With online shopping so prevalent in today’s retail scape, businesses are now poised to develop marketing strategies around the influx of eyeballs on digital platforms. A recent report has shown that the ratio of online purchases to total retail sales in Singapore is the highest compared to any other market in Southeast Asia, while other markets such as Indonesia are also seeing rapid growth rates.

Consumer spending tends to soar before and during these periods, whether in-store or online. Timing is everything, especially when it comes to holiday digital marketing campaigns. In the build up to a particular festival, consumers go online in an attempt to find information that includes festive recipes, gift and event ideas, flights and promotions. Their online activities give marketers insights on their behaviour, and marketers can use these to their advantage – targeting an audience that is actively searching for answers.

Saurabh Dangwal, Vice President, APAC, MediaMath, discusses four steps marketers should take to ensure that their festive online marketing campaigns are best optimized to capture the largest share of the wallet.

Read the four tips here.