Doing Good Today – and Every Day After

December 3, 2019 — by Kiley Robbins    

Just a few months ago, we clarified and simplified our goals as a company and as leaders in our industry. As CEO Joe Zawadzki said, we believe “in the power of advertising to drive economic growth, to fund free content and press, to change hearts and minds, to do good.” In pledging to recreate a more transparent, accountable, and addressable supply chain in which better advertising can be both created and rewarded, SOURCE by MediaMath is a huge step toward making this a reality.

At MediaMath, we have been working to take this a step further through our philanthropic arm As a proud member of the Pledge 1% movement, we pledged 1% of time, product, and equity to social impact. Through these commitments, we’ve volunteered over 2000 hours and donated over $1m dollars to high-priority causes both through our corporate giving and employee donations and matching.

Our keynote giving program is Campaigns Count. For every 20 campaigns in our platform, we fund an eyesight-saving surgery for individuals who suffer from low vision or whose blindness is treatable. In September, we reached a huge milestone: funding surgeries for 5,000 people in some of the poorest regions of the world.

As with any large movement, we cannot do this alone. To drive the most social impact, we need all our employees and the wider community to think about how we all can do good with the resources we have. How can we truly build a community of givers? We have some ideas.

On this Giving Tuesday, we’re excited to launch a new addition to our giving programs. Starting today, we’re partnering with Good Today, enabling each one of our employees to become a philanthropist. Good Today is a non-profit platform making it easy and meaningful to give charity daily to hundreds of new causes and organizations across the globe. Starting today, every day at 11 am, our employees will receive a message on Slack explaining a cause and two charities that support it. With a click of a button, they choose how to donate 25 cents and join the wider Good Today community in driving impact.

One small act, when combined with a wider community, can create a huge effect. So, on this Giving Tuesday, how will you join us in doing Good Today and each day after?

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Kiley Robbins

Kiley Robbins is Director of, MediaMath’s philanthropic arm. Kiley is focused on driving social impact through use of our technology. Kiley previously led the Strategy & Operations team for MediaMath’s global Professional Services organization. Prior to MediaMath, Kiley worked as a consultant for Navigant. She serves on the associate board of BUILD NY, a youth development organization that uses entrepreneurship to ignite the potential in high school students from under-resourced neighborhoods. Kiley studied Business Administration as a Robertson Scholar at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.