Did you Miss Targaryen Tuesday? Don’t.

August 4, 2016 — by Laura Rodriguez-Costacamps    

Last month, New Marketing Institute (NMI) shared our experiences and advice on Snapchat via the HR Business & Legal Resources site. Our team has adopted Snapchat and other traditionally casual social media tools to stay in touch in both silly and professional ways. We have found Snapchat to be the most powerful when we used it to coordinate team activities, share and celebrate wins, and preview new programs and content. The fleeting and short nature of Snapchat allows our team to share things with each other we normally wouldn’t be prone to otherwise, such as a work in progress or an idea someone is thinking of moving forward with.

We then decided to use Snapchat to document some of NMI’s learning and share it externally! We developed a cadence of posts that include:

  • MediaMath Monday – where we showcase facts and fun around MediaMath
  • WTF Wednesday – where we look at statistic from different media channels
  • Fun Fact Fridays – where we address confusion and definitions in the digital marketing industry

We deviate from the cadence with event posts and trending topics. Did you miss Targaryen Tuesday? Check out some of the highlights of what you missed in the last month on NMI’s Snapchat in the compilation below and make sure to follow nmi_live on Snapchat!

Laura Rodriguez-Costacamps

Laura joined MediaMath in 2015 and has served as the head of MediaMath Academy since 2019. Laura is an expert on digital marketing and the programmatic industry as well as in MediaMath’s TerminalOne digital ad buying platform. Laura’s expertise lies in translating complex subjects into simple explanations and memorable stories. Laura received a B.A. in Physics from Florida International University and enrolled in a Medical Physics master’s program at Texas A&M, where she researched methods to create and sustain reformed learning environments. Laura combines her experience as a teacher and professional development coach with the industry knowledge to create engaging and meaningful learning programs and experiences.