Challenging the Advertising Industry’s Transformation

October 26, 2021 — by MediaMath    

MediaMath Named a Challenger in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech

In Gartner’s recent release of its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Ad Tech, MediaMath was named a Challenger. We’re proud to see Gartner continue to rank MediaMath as a significant ad tech player, but let’s dive into what the criteria, ranking, and evaluation mean to understand the nuances of Gartner’s assessment of the ad tech landscape. Taking a look at Gartner’s own definition of our Magic Quadrant placement: Challengers in the Magic Quadrant perform as well, or better than, Leaders, but tend to focus more narrowly on certain channels, strategies or non-enterprise buyer profiles. Challengers are positioned close to the Leaders Quadrant and, in many cases, their specialization is an advantage to some buyers.

At MediaMath, we continue to challenge the status quo and help marketers think about how they should most optimally execute their digital marketing strategies in this continually changing landscape. This aligns with our mission statement to empower brands to reach their customers and drive real business outcomes through personalized communication at scale, leveraging all touchpoints, data, and outcomes with ease of use and transparency in a privacy-first world.

We are excited that Gartner distinguishes our expertise in execution when it comes to our product and functionality. We have recently redesigned key elements of our omnichannel platform that combines a flexible identity foundation, complete supply chain accountability, and modular, extensible, customizable components with new and enhanced workflows for traders and supply managers.

Marketers deserve an industry-leading DSP to execute powerful campaigns optimally. We have been focused on delivering that for them and the results are showing: In addition to our Magic Quadrant ranking, we have been recognized by our customers as a trusted brand and our Net Promoter Score has risen 30 points. It matters to our customers that their media is working, and our improved workflow, campaign management, and intelligent automation capabilities provide the solutions for them.

We continue to show the world our vision with our native identity story. At MediaMath, we believe that the shift in the identity ecosystem has been a long time coming. We are helping advertisers reach the real human beings that matter the most to their business. We firmly believe that first party user ID’s will create a better ecosystem, offering game changing advantages across the board because they are based on a direct relationship between brands, publishers and people.

It is likely that a single identity solution will not receive universal adoption, and that brands will have to leverage a mix of different identity options. With that in mind, we have built an identity infrastructure which natively allows transaction across independent identities and gives you an “easy button” to address your identity need for tomorrow. In this era of the unknown we have built the systems which will stand the test of time across user based, aggregated, and even completely user-independent (contextual) identities.

We continue to execute on our SOURCE promise and supply chain transparency with a vision for the future. We are working to give users full control of their supply chain, in a way that benefits advertisers, agencies, and publishers. We do this by providing transparency and insight, as well as giving advertisers tools to action on this insight. We arm advertisers with tools like our Supply Path Manager so that brands can easily define and enforce permissions for what paths they are willing to transact on, across their entire organization.

Our SOURCE framework received the highest feedback and response from the industry leaders and stakeholders as a “scaled, transparent ecosystem.” Transparency continues to be top of mind for marketers, and we are the first DSP to provide full fee transparency in-platform for reporting. Additionally, MediaMath’s Brain algorithm is recognized by Gartner for the fourth year in a row, noting “a unique mix of media and user variables to predict action rates and optimize bidding strategy.”

At MediaMath, we are committed to the open internet and here today to work through the complexities of the evolving ad landscape, with solutions that are built for this moment and the next.