Celebrate Diversity Month: Service, Shared Interests & Ongoing Education

April 29, 2019 — by MediaMath    

In celebration of Celebrate Diversity Month, we’re excited about the work that we are doing to foster a collaborative environment through Diversity and Inclusion-related service, shared interests and ongoing education.

We believe an inclusive and diverse workforce will allow us to better exercise our core values and better serve our mission. At MediaMath, #TeamsWin and “Obsess Over Learning and Growth” are two of those core company values. The key to creating institutional excellence is teamwork, and when we build inclusive teams with a range of backgrounds and experiences, the vast majority of the research tells us that we set our employees and clients up for success.

As a global company providing technology solutions and professional services, collaboration and innovation are especially important to our culture as we build products and create experiences that align with our customers’ goals. Diverse ideas generate more problem-solving strategies, ultimately leading to “winning the customer” and “meeting each client/consumer where they are”—goals we strive for each and every day.

Creating work environments in which employees can share their ideas, take considered risks without fear and ultimately be who they are is critical as we embark on this journey. This month, we had an opportunity to collaborate, learn and engage with teams at MediaMath through structured programming and initiatives as well as organic experiences, such as:

  • Obsess Over Learning & Growth
    • We offer GROW Coaching to our people leaders, a tried and tested coaching model. The GROW coaching model stands for learning through experience: reflection, insight, making choices and pursuing them. The power of the GROW coaching model is that it leads to a clearly defined end result.
  • Maximize Joy and Shared Experiences
    • We live-streamed the 16th annual Time 100 Summit, which celebrates a diverse group of change-makers, entrepreneurs, activists and influencers from around the world who are making an impact in today’s society, from our auditorium.
    • We have dedicated Slack channels for Multicultural Marketing and Women in Tech to share resources, encourage group discussion and celebrate one another’s ”wins.”
    • Through our Culture Club and in honor of Earth Day, we got our hands dirty and built beautiful terrariums that we are hopeful will grow along with us here at MediaMath and beyond our four walls.

As leaders, champions and allies, we must think holistically about the impact of D&I across workforce, workplace and marketplace, and what each of us can do to shape our company culture and drive innovation through conversations, programs, partnerships and experiences globally.

For too long, D&I has been something to which companies have paid lip-service. To be meaningful and bear fruit, it must be a company-wide mission where each employee within the organization knows they are valued and, in return, is held accountable for their contribution to the culture. We remain optimistic, committed to the process and cognizant of the fact that D&I is a marathon, not a sprint. We will continue to learn, create spaces to collaborate and partner internally and externally to shape the experiences and content that meets each person where they are throughout this journey.

Below are a few D&I resources to increase awareness and support your growth throughout this journey.