Building ‘Win-Win-Win’ Partnerships: MediaMath CMO

March 3, 2016 — by MediaMath    

Brand, agency and technology vendors — all key players in the programmatic scene — can all come out winning. That’s what Joanna O’Connell, CMO at MediaMath talks about in a recent CampaignAsia article.

A research analyst turned marketer, O’Connell shares her plan to help cultivate the idea of what she deems a “win-win-win” partnership, particularly the triumvirate that is the brand-agency-technology vendor micro-ecosystem. And this plan is sure to work it way into other regions, including the Asia-Pacific territory. Read the full story to learn more about how MediaMath’s strategy to actively partner with both brand and agency clients across the APAC region will help enable programmatic thinking among marketers and practitioners alike.