Brands Moving Money In Response To Trust Crisis: eMarketer’s Ramsey

July 9, 2018 — by MediaMath interviewed Geoff Ramsey, chairman of marketing analysis company eMarketer, for our series on consumer-first marketing. An excerpt and the video are below. To see more in the series, visit this page

The last year has seen a perfect storm hit the marketing industry—brand safety concerns, agency strife, GDPR and Facebook’s data scandal.

In response, the industry is seeing a big movement of money, from platforms now deemed undesirable to alternative channels brands find more appealing.

So says Geoff Ramsey, chairman of marketing analysis company eMarketer.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ramsey opines on some of the challenges which have kicked up in digital advertising—and charts how brands are changing strategy in response.

Eighty-three percent of display ads are bought programmatically today,” Ramsey says. “It gets you scale, it helps you do audience-based targeting. At the same time, brands end up seeing their ads in all kinds of unsavory places.

“What’s happening within programmatic is that marketers are saying, ‘No, we want to put more of our money in direct buys as opposed to real-time bidding’. They are starting to invest on websites where they know that it’s going to be a savory environment. Marketers are slowly, but surely, putting their money where their mouth is.”