Announcing a New Workflow for Native to Help Make Marketing Consumers Love

September 5, 2018 — by MediaMath    

Native advertising is projected to reach $41.14 billion in the US alone in 2018, and is growing at an even faster rate outside of the US, accounting for the majority in ad spend for the first time ever. While a large portion of that metric is made up of social websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, non-social advertising has actually been growing at more than twice the rate of social, and will continue to overtake other forms of media as marketers recognize that consumers react better to higher-quality creative units. Additionally, native ads have demonstrated a much higher engagement rate than other types of display inventory because ads match the format of the page they appear on for a seamless online experience with quality content.

MediaMath is making an enormous stride towards improving the quality of advertising that programmatic marketers deliver with our official launch today of native creative and supply within our DSP.  Now our clients can use a single platform to coordinate an even larger share of their media spend to provide a better experience for their consumers online and build the trust that translates into business outcomes, not banner ads. By partnering with Sharethrough, TripleLift and PowerLinks, MediaMath clients can now upload ad assets such as images, headlines, descriptions and click-through-URLs into their system and then use those assets across any one of those partners. In addition, MediaMath is testing running those same creatives across Facebook and Instagram, all in a single campaign.

MediaMath’s native launch will have several benefits that clients will begin seeing immediately:

  • Single platform workflow: Easily activate native as a channel within existing campaigns, and leverage creatives across all compatible inventory.
  • Improved customer experience: Native ads are less intrusive, and including native in omnichannel campaigns allows advertisers to employ frequency capping and creative sequencing.
  • Premium inventory: Premium publishers that care greatly about creating a good UX experience use native formats to seamlessly incorporate advertising into their site.
  • Bulk creative upload: We have an industry-unique capability to upload creatives in-bulk for compatibility across the widest range of inventory.

Want to learn more? I’ll be at Dmexco next week and would love to talk more about our native offering. Visit us at Hall 6.1, Aisle D, No: D041! We will also have a joint happy hour with native partner Sharethrough at our booth from 6.30 – 8.30pm on Wednesday. Come join us.