18 Programmatic Trends for 2018

February 26, 2018 — by MediaMath    

When programmatic turned 10 last year, our CEO Joe Zawadzki shared his thoughts on what the next 10 years could look like: “Programmatic in 10 years’ time kind of disappears. It will be the way that marketing is done as opposed to being one of the ways marketing is done.”

If the 2018 programmatic trends are any indication of this shift, then programmatic is certainly on its way to be the only way marketing is done in 2027. Check out these predictions from around the globe below:

1. Four in five US ad dollars will transact programmatically in 2018 reflecting a 20% YoY growth (eMarketer).

2. In 2018, US programmatic investment on mobile will reach $30 billion+, over 3x the amount spent on desktop (eMarketer).

3. Increased demand in the US for more “native” experiences will drive programmatic native spend, reaching $24 billion+ by years end compared to $13.24 billion in 2016 (eMarketer).

4. The continued shift in TV viewership toward more IP-connected device will fuel an 85% increase in US programmatic TV ad spend (eMarketer).

5. Marketers will assume automated, data-driven ad spend in 2018. Mature markets throughout Europe will see this play out most (The Drum).

6. In 2018, the UK will remain the dominant advertising market in Western Europe, with $15.95 billion expected ad spend (eMarketer).

7. By 2018, $3.1 billion is expected to be spent on programmatic in the UK (eMarketer).

8. Digital-out-of-home ads traded programmatically are expected to grow at the same rate as ads that are traded programmatically online in the UK (eMarketer).

9. Spend on mobile programmatic will reach about $570.48 million in France, as spend continuously grows throughout 2018 (eMarketer).

10. Despite Germany’s reluctance to dive into programmatic marketing, spend has grown significantly over the past two years. Programmatic will be worth almost $1.55 billion by the end of 2018 (eMarketer).

11. 59.2% of the population in Latin America will have internet (eMarketer).

12. Latin American media owners’ net advertising revenues (NAR) are expected to grow by +9.3% in 2018 to US $26.3 billion, following a +7.3% growth in 2017.

13. Latin America will be the fastest-growing region for consumer spending, with compound annual increase of +9.7% into 2019.

14. Brazil’s advertising market is expected to grow $1.56 billion in 2018 and advertising sales in Argentina will grow by +24% to reach 100 billion pesos (~$6.7 billion) (Portada Online).

15. Social media will grow by +30% and digital video by +33% in Latin America next year. Search (+21%) remains the number one media type with 36% of total digital ad sales (eMarketer).

16. Total digital marketing spend for the APAC region in 2018 will be around $61 billion (eMarketer).

17. Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will see digital ad expenditures increase by double digits in 2018 (eMarketer).

18. By 2021, digital ad expenditures in Singapore will total roughly $520 million, with mobile accounting for 81.7% of all digital spend (eMarketer).