#10Then10Ahead: The Evolution of Programmatic

March 28, 2017 — by Amarita Bansal    

Programmatic is turning 10 this year! And as we look back at the past decade, it’s clear how far the industry has evolved. From its humble beginnings, when programmatic inventory was considered ‘remnant’ to transforming the way advertisers sell and buy media today, we at MediaMath take a look at what the next 10 years of programmatic could look like.

Today we launch our #10Then10Ahead campaign to commemorate and mark 10 years of innovation in programmatic as our executive leadership team and adtech veterans at MediaMath celebrate the early days of programmatic and look forward to what the next decade will hold.

Joe Zawadzki, our founder and CEO, says programmatic in 10 years’ time “kind of disappears” because it will be the way that marketing is done, as opposed to being one of the ways marketing is done.

“People just assume they’re going to plug something in the wall and electricity is going to come out. Effectively, that’s where marketing is going. It’s going to assume programmatic,” says Zawadzki. “It’s going to assume a tech stack. It’s going to assume the ability to ingest first-party data in order to improve the fidelity and richness of your audience profile. It’s going to connect all of your touch points in an omnichannel way, not just a multichannel capacity, to identify your best and highest quality audiences in real-time, across all touchpoints. Pretty soon, even the Superbowl will be programmatically available!”

Could advertising be 100 percent personalized by 2027? And could we leverage tech with drones and wearables to provide a more seamless user experience in the future? Only time will tell…

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Amarita Bansal

Amarita Bansal is Senior Content Manager at MediaMath. In her role, Amarita provides thought leadership in the adtech space by fostering relationships across every team at MediaMath, producing content for the blog, demand generation initiatives, media placements and bylines. She also guides the content strategy for our account-based marketing efforts. Born and raised in West London, New York City is now her adopted home town. An alumna of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Amarita has produced content across all digital platforms, previously working at Associated Press in the London bureau. She's a pilates enthusiast and loves to go giggin’.