Let’s Make an Ad: Part 2

September 7, 2017 — by Peter Gosling

In part one of Let’s Make an Ad, we looked at what actually goes into creating an HTML5 ad unit and some of the many options out there. I today’s post, I have done a screen capture showing how to make a simple. animated HTML5 ad in Google Web Designer. This will hopefully show people unfamiliar with the process what it actually takes to make an ad!

Download a copy of Google Web Designer here:

Interested in other options? Read part one of Let’s Make an Ad here.

Peter Gosling

As Creative Director for MediaMath, Peter is responsible for all design and branding efforts for the company. With experience spanning ten years and two continents, Peter is passionate about the role creative services plays in business and strives to acquire new skills and adapt to new technologies as soon as they emerge. Peter is a keen snowboarder, getting out west as often as possible. Working in a digital environment all day every day, Peter also tries to find time to enjoy the simple pleasures of drawing pencil on paper. It’s where all the best ideas start, no software required.