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Justin Adler-Swanberg oversees Marketplace Quality for MediaMath, working primarily on topics such as Invalid Traffic, Brand Safety, Viewability, and Malware / Malvertising, helping drive MediaMath’s industry leadership in these areas. As part of his role, Justin serves as MediaMath’s TAG Compliance Officer and also leads MediaMath’s Creative Policy Enforcement team which ensures that advertiser creatives align to MediaMath policies. In this capacity, he also provides support to MediaMath’s regulated industries business. Additionally, Justin collaborated on MediaMath’s Purpose Driven Advertising initiative, focused on MediaMath products, services, and partnerships that enable clients to better market their brands while financing a healthier media ecosystem or supporting a specific cause, such as combatting Disinformation. To this end, Justin recently participated in the European Commission redrafting of the Code of Practice on Disinformation. Before joining MediaMath, Justin worked in a similar role at GroundTruth.

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MediaMath Achieves Platinum Status with TAG

Earlier this month, MediaMath was awarded Platinum status with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). TAG is our industry’s leading self-regulatory body focused on programs and certifications ... Read more