Advertisers can now achieve goals by using customized inventory sourced using their historical data  

New York – November 15, 2022 – MediaMath, the leading independent demand-side platform, has announced Custom Curated Markets, building on the success of its Curated Markets offering, enabling MediaMath to precisely tailor highly effective, customized inventory marketplaces for its clients in as little as two hours. One test for a large, U.S. retail client showed a 68 percent increase in ROI across a six-month period, outperforming all other inventory sources by 21 percent.

New Custom Curated Markets 

Custom Curated Markets allows brands to have their own marketplace created based on their historical data, campaign goals, brand characteristics and channel mix. The ability to rapidly set up Custom Curated Markets within hours alleviates the need to negotiate, launch and optimize individual deal ids – a process that could take weeks.  

“Custom Curated Markets are particularly relevant for brands with specialized requirements who also wish to achieve a specific goal, for example an alcohol brand which also wants to achieve high viewability” said Jared Lansky, SVP Partnerships at MediaMath. “We’re delighted MediaMath is the only DSP to offer this level of customization, performance and service to its clients.”  

Working with Audigent, the leading data activation, curation and identity platform, MediaMath has created a Custom Curated Market known as the Conditions Marketplace used by Butler/Till for its pharmaceutical brand clients. Leveraging Audigent’s data, this Curated Market contains inventory which reaches users who are most likely to engage with a pharmaceutical brand’s advertising.

“Our goal with the Conditions Marketplace was to deliver the quality of more traditional buys or contextual PMP’s with premium publisher partners in a more scaled, efficient way, and so far, we have been able to deliver on that,” said Scott Ensign, Chief Strategy Officer at Butler/Till. “We’ve seen our cost to reach highly qualified audiences come in at less than a third of the cost of a comparable PMP by leveraging the unique benefits of the Conditions Marketplace.”  

Building On Curated Markets Success

Curated Markets ‘group’ inventory into marketplaces designed to achieve a specific campaign goal, run on a specific channel (CTV, Native, In-Game), or meet specific criteria. For example, the Viewable Marketplace only contains inventory that delivers a high viewability score, while the Performance Marketplace contains inventory that delivers a high ROI.  

Curated Markets have proven incredibly popular among advertisers. While they contain only 2% of MediaMath’s inventory, 30% of platform ad spend is run within Curated Markets. They remove the time-consuming process of setting up deal IDs or PMPs, allow advertisers to access preferred rates, and deliver better performance. They also allow brands within regulated industries to access inventory which is verified as appropriate to carry their advertising. 

“Curated marketplaces combine leading edge SPO and deep strategic insights to deliver bespoke, scaled offerings. As a leading curation partner within the ecosystem, Audigent is in a unique position to power the optimization of these curated marketplaces, leveraging unique data assets with media in order to drive better performance, more scale and all in a privacy safe and seamless manner.” Greg Williams, President, Audigent.

“We are constantly focused on adapting to advertiser and consumer needs, and we know today’s consumer demands a relevant experience. MediaMath has played a role in helping us deliver that.” Digilant Chief Revenue Officer, Todd Heger said. “Curated Markets has made it easy for our trading teams to set up effective campaigns, making it possible for us to ensure better performance through ad placements across highly relevant premium publishers to find the very best prospects for our clients.” 

About MediaMath 

MediaMath is the leading technology pioneer on a mission to make advertising better. We deliver outstanding results through powerful ad tech, partnership and a curiosity for what’s next. We help more than 3,500 advertisers solve complex marketing problems so they can deepen their customer relationships across screens and around the world.  

Media Contact: Lauren Bigland,