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The UK has a reputation for poor work-life balance. Britons work some of the longest hours in Europe, with full-time workers putting in an average of 39.2 hours per week – although many are known to work well above 40.

A quarter of professionals are dissatisfied with their work-life balance, research suggests, with Londoners the most unhappy over how much time they spend at the office. But there are many companies making sure their employees have a good ratio between home and office life.

Jobs website Glassdoor has picked out the top 20 employers for work-life balance, based on reviews by employees. Companies were given a total score out of five and had to have a minimum of 20 reviews relating to work-life culture.

Mediamath has received consistently good feedback from current and former employees. The company, which is headquartered in New York but has offices across Europe and Asia, was described by one London-based worker as a “great company that cares about its employees, with great benefits like flexible work hours, free food, company drinks and team building”. Another said the company “respects personal and work life balance, enriching both simultaneously”.