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August 12, 2014 – In recognition of the agency’s tremendous marketplace success, MediaMath ( has honored Huddled Masses ( with platinum-level buyer certification through its OPEN program.  As the highest possible certification, platinum buyers meet or exceed the majority of program requirements.

“We’re thrilled and humbled to have earned this extraordinary industry recognition,” remarked Charles Cantu, CEO and Founder of Huddled Masses. “Platinum certification is a testament to how hard we work on behalf of our clients to achieve powerful, effective and successful digital campaigns. Going forward, certification will boost our profile in the media buying space. We expect an influx of new business as a result of this certification.”

Since creating the first demand-side platform in 2007, MediaMath has continually innovated in the marketing technology space. The organization brings the latest tools to bear on the challenging of managing one’s marketing presence in real time. The degree of sophistication that MediaMath has enabled distinguishes it from the competition.

Cantu added: “MediaMath has established a reputation for both excellence and innovation. Its platform is second to none, and we at Huddled Masses enjoy working in tandem with such an esteemed and forward-thinking organization.”

Greg Williams, MediaMath Co-Founder and SVP OPEN Partnerships commented, “Since day one, Huddled Masses has been steadfast on their promise to clients to deliver maximum marketing results through programmatic strategies. The commitment from Charles and his team to stay on the cutting edge of the dynamic advertising industry, huge success through TerminalOne, and diligence around educating the market makes them extremely deserving of platinum certification.  We look forward to many more years of success with them.”

The purpose of MediaMath’s OPEN Buyer Certification program is to foster strong and mutually beneficial partnerships in the media buying community. Certified partners enjoy many advantages, from featured placement on the OPEN website to increased opportunities for lucrative referrals. The organization offers three levels of certification: silver, gold and platinum. Plus, MediaMath certification is not simply a one-time designation. The organization conducts annual reviews to ensure that all certified buyers maintain the highest standards.

In developing its certification program, MediaMath relied on feedback from buyers and partners who wanted a means to both enhance their visibility and promote their relationship with the world’s leading demand-side platform. The developers of the certification program designated marketplace presence, platform activity and strategic efforts as the three areas in which buyers could earn recognition.

Meanwhile, MediaMath OPEN provides a public-facing portal to highlight the successes and broad capabilities of the platform’s partners. On-site profiles allow site visitors to research marketing agencies; these profiles feature everything from company information and details on partner relationships to social profiles and video assets.

As a media buyer, Huddled Masses brings more than six decades of media and advertising experience to the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. The company’s product offerings include, but are not limited to: video, social, mobile SEM, lead generation, audience targeting, contextual targeting, cross channel attribution, remarketing and most recently television planning and procurement.