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NEW YORKMay 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — A crowded industry landscape means marketers have more options to choose from when it comes to how they manage and execute their digital marketing campaigns, but it also means they can run the risk of being hindered by inefficiency if they don't have the right processes in place. How can advertisers optimize efficiency when it comes to their digital media buys?

This is the question addressed by MediaMath Sales Director Lana Herbert in the recent blog post, "It's Crowded Out There," which is part of the new Building Block Series on the MediaMath blog. This series is geared towards readers who are curious about programmatic technology and would like to educate themselves and better understand the value it can provide. To read the series in its entirety, click here.

Running in tandem with the Building Block Series is the Step It Up Series. This series is designed for marketers with an understanding of the value of programmatic strategies, but are looking to integrateprogrammatic technology more deeply into their own marketing efforts.

"Seize the Data," the most recent blog post in the series, is authored by Edwin Lee, VP of Strategic Accounts for MediaMath. In this post, Edwin examines the various ways that brands can better activate their data, both internally and externally, to strengthen strategic partnerships and truly drive business results and provide a better experience for the customer.  To read the series in its entirety, click here.

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Based in New York with 12 locations across five continents, MediaMath develops digital marketing technology and offers deep industry expertise, enabling marketers to connect with consumers individually and at scale across the entirety of the world's digital media. MediaMath's TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ enables marketers to customize their own technology infrastructure and leverage their data and industry data in the planning, execution, optimization, and analysis of digital marketing programs, resulting in smarter decisions that grow their business. Powering the operations for thousands of marketers, including 55 percent of the Fortune 100, TerminalOne drives transformative business results across the entire digital ecosystem.