Read and Listen on AdvertisingWeek Social Club

A unique perspective and path that led him to co-found MediaMath. Currently Chief Revenue Officer, Erich Wasserman delves into some interesting and compelling topics including:

  • How studying political philosophy and classical piano led him to founding a digital marketing company.
  • His interest in civil liberties and civil rights informing his path.
  • Leveraging non-profit development with digital methods.
  • Fragmentation and confusion in the data game.
  • Closing the gap on the technology/marketing conversation between constituencies.
  • Breaking through the frustration, understanding that technology is still early in the process.
  • The maturation of businesses using technology.
  • What he hopes people take away from his workshop and what they should take away.
  • Who and what inspires him (hint: complicated things plays a big role).
  • What piece he would play in the presence of The Queen.

Link to podcast:

You do NOT want to miss Erich in his #AWEurope workshop, “Gaining Clarity In A Fragmented Technology Landscape,” Tuesday, 1 April at 9:45am in News Room Studio A.