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Huddled Masses Media, powered by MediaMath, The Cipher Group and The NorthStar Group are pleased to announce the first-ever private multicultural advertising exchange. This opt-in program gives publishers control of their inventory, a user interface, creative and optimization efficiencies, scale and data components, all to the benefit of brands and agencies.

"Huddled Masses is proud to provide the technology and expertise required to empower The Cipher Group, The NorthStar Group, and their team so that all multicultural agencies, clients and publishers have access to this wonderful new offering," says Huddled Masses CEO Charles Cantu.

David Jones, CEO of The Cipher Group, commented on the versatility and scope of the new exchange: "In addition to having access to 95% of the web's audience, we have narrowed down our exchange to serve the multicultural audience for advertisers, publishers and agencies. We have chosen an invite-only group of publishers specific to the multicultural audience, as well as targeting by browser, content, device, geography, dayparts, retargeting, focus groups, research and proprietary/custom data. Our data gathering is consistent, as we successfully continue to run campaigns for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians etc., and where we build on what we know about multicultural behavior as it pertains to the digital space."

Jones continued: "We know where the multicultural audience 'lives,' not just based on data, but expertise.  Who better to understand and speak to the multicultural audience than multicultural publishers and marketers? As the US becomes increasingly diverse and the trend of globalization continues to grow, launching this initiative could not be more impactful or relevant."

This initiative has largely been made possible thanks to cutting-edge technological innovation. The Cipher Group brought a new level of efficiency to digital marketing with its introduction of the DSP, or Demand-side Platform. The DSP allows for the management of multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts via a single user interface. Marketers can effortlessly manage the bidding process for online ad space and the pricing structure for the data being used to most effectively target at audience.

Positive feedback on the new exchange has been readily forthcoming. Darius Broadwater, Head of Digital Media at Uniworld Group, says, "We have been working with The Cipher Group for a number of years via their DSP capability. This new offering shows their commitment to innovation and excellence to the digital and multicultural space."

L. Londell McMillan, Chairman of The NorthStar Group, says, "As the publisher of two publications with significant multi-media and digital offerings targeted toward a diverse multicultural and general market audience — The Source and Jones Magazine— I value and recognize the importance of advertisers and brands having direct access to the multicultural audience en masse.  This new exchange streamlines the process and provides great value to all parties."

Optimizing campaigns to reach specific subsets of the audience has been a perennial challenge in online marketing. Now, the multicultural advertising exchange looks to streamline the process for organizations in need of highly targeted, branded messaging. Meanwhile, Huddled Masses Media and The Cipher Group continue to explore new ways to connect marketers with consumers within the online space.

About Huddled Masses Media

Huddled Masses Media offers organizations and their agencies access to media buying technology and expertise. The company helps clients grow their revenue and businesses at scale through powerful algorithmic, programmatic optimization of digital campaigns that generate brand awareness and consumer engagement. Huddled Masses specializes in standard and rich media banner marketing, FBX, video, mobile, social media and more with measurable results.


Charles Cantu, CEO and Founder
Huddled Masses Media
411 Lafayette Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10003

About The Cipher Group

The Cipher Group is a full service marketing company specializing in interactive solutions and added value promotional campaign development. Based in New York City with 15 plus years of experience, The Cipher Group has served a host of agencies and brands via digital advertising and content. The Cipher Group's roster of clients and body/scope of work continues to grow at a phenomenal pace based on being connectors and thought-leaders in advertising.


David Jones, CEO 
The Cipher Group
48 W. 21st Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10010

About The NorthStar Group

The NorthStar Group is a minority-owned (MBWE), new media, marketing and consulting firm specializing in fashion, music, entertainment, sports and corporate initiatives. Founded in 1997, The NorthStar Group represents some of the nation's leading cultural icons, web- sites, artists, celebrities, entertainers, and lifestyle magazines, including The Source and Jones.


L. Londell McMillan, Chairman
The NorthStar Group
29 W. 46th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10036

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SOURCE Huddled Masses Media, The Cipher Group, and The NorthStar Group