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BrightRoll, Collective, Google, MediaMath, Rubicon Project, sovrn, Turn, and Yahoo donated the domain name to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Sunday during the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. The companies supporting the industry across ad networks, video, search and other media collectively made the donation, estimated at $75,000.

The group said the donation aims to promote the IAB organization and bring greater awareness to its work. The eight participating companies that donated the funds to purchase the domain name are members of the IAB.

Ned Brody, head of Americas at Yahoo, notes that the IAB has been instrumental in bringing advertisers, publishers and partners together to outline the practices and standards that set the growth of the industry.

The donation represents collective support for the organization’s dedication to the growth of the interactive advertising marketplace. “This is a magnanimous gesture and will make a qualitative difference in IAB's own presence online," said Randall Rothenberg, president and CEO, IAB, in a prepared statement. "With this donation, these member companies are generously helping us own our category domain, and helping hundreds of thousands of media and marketing professionals and consumers who each year seek guidance from the IAB via our Web site."