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MediaMath on Thursday announced the launch of its Open Buyer Certification program. The program is intended to highlight companies that have established themselves in the programmatic media-buying space.

“There is a tremendous amount of confusion and misinformation in the digital marketing sphere, especially around programmatic,” stated Greg Williams, co-founder of MediaMath and senior vice president of Open Partnerships. “The industry is constantly flooded with new offerings and technology, leaving marketers wondering with whom to work and how.”

MediaMath buyers participating in the program can be certified on three different levels: silver, gold and platinum. Each level is determined by a number of criteria across three areas: marketplace presence and "thought leadership” position in the industry, the company’s platform usage and the their future plans for advancing the industry.

Epsilon, MediaMath’s launch partner, is the first platinum-certified buyer. Five other companies have participated in the program and shave received certifications, including 3Q Digital, Adriot Digital, Big Lens, Huddled Masses and Mediasmith. Per the release, over 35 other companies have started the certification process.