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PulsePoint Inc. announced today the launch of its next generation programmatic advertising solutions suite with the release of Custom Programmatic Solutions (CPS), an offering that allows advertisers to execute campaigns using highly customized audience and content segments with the scale and efficiency of its global programmatic exchange. PulsePoint believes this solution will draw more brand and agency dollars into the programmatic space as it allows them to deliver brand messages to target audiences at huge scale while saving time and money. Since 2011 PulsePoint has seen a 142% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of its’ programmatic business; this is the first release from the company’s 2014 Real-Time Branding™ initiative which will focus research and development efforts into programmatic engagement metrics and content marketing solutions.

Custom Programmatic Solutions (CPS) integrates PulsePoint’s proprietary audience and content targeting with insight capabilities against the four billion impressions that pass through the platform daily. This partnership with MediaMath – powered by their Deal Discovery app – gives advertisers and agencies priority access and unparalleled transparency to valuable sell-side data, allowing for smarter targeting, optimization, and insights.The solution integrates proprietary audience, environmental, and content data attributes which can be targeted in any number of combinations. Until now, effective targeting within programmatic media has centered upon the cookie, which is an ineffective vehicle for achieving scale in audience. With PulsePoint CPS, advertisers can build custom profiles from impressions that target specific audience segments beyond 1st and 3rd party cookie pools, reaching them across all devices.

“PulsePoint has been leading the marketplace in the development of innovative programmatic advertising solutions and this new product release is a natural part of our evolution,” says Sloan Gaon, CEO PulsePoint. “PulsePoint’s Custom Programmatic Solutions will help shift more brand investment to programmatic, and we’re already beginning to see this through our MediaMath partnership.”

 “We’re excited to be the first to partner with PulsePoint to bring their Custom Programmatic Solutions suite to market. The ability to buy PulsePoint’s hyper-customized audience segments programmatically through MediaMath’s TerminalOne™ platform not only enables more efficient and smarter media buying transactions for advertisers, but also helps drive the necessary shift towards data-driven, customer-centric marketing. PulsePoint is a valued OPEN partner and we look forward to continued collaboration with them.” says Greg Williams, SVP OPEN Partnership, MediaMath.

“CPS is about giving our clients exactly what they want and cutting out what they don’t.  Up to this point, buyers have had to choose between customization or efficiency – now they can have them both,” says Scott Portugal, SVP Programmatic and Strategic Alliances at PulsePoint.

With the launch of CPS, Scott Portugal has been promoted to the newly created role of SVP, Programmatic and Strategic Alliances and is responsible for spearheading this new solution. Scott formerly held the position of VP Business Development at PulsePoint. The company launched its programmatic exchange in the UK market in July 2013 and will be rolling out Custom Programmatic Solutions there in the second half of 2014.