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Co., Ltd. Platform Wan, and integration supply side platform that provides its own (or less, SSP) and "YIELDONE", demand side platform the U.S. MediaMath, Inc. is a global (or less, DSP) and "TerminalOne" I announced that it had started the (real-time bidding) deal RTB.

Platform One is to provide you with the opportunity to 'YIELDONE", as online advertising trading platform of media companies for the automation of ad stock sale, real-time optimization of ad posting by DSP/ad network, centralized management system of the publication availability, centralized SSP service that provides one-stop function of revenue management reports, etc.. While improving the profitability of a publisher, and has a patent as a yield management system that can reduce the operational burden. 

On the other hand, is a media buying platform global brand advertisers more than 1,000 and leading advertising agencies around the world are using, display, video, mobile, MediaMath has to offer "TerminalOne" is, and social media DSP services that can be delivered to the ad.

By RTB deal and start this "YIELDONE" and "TerminalOne", can provide an inventory to brand advertisers a number of MediaMath handled, media companies are customers of the platform one is, opportunities and increase in ad deal unit price improvement that is expected.

Greg Williams said MediaMath Co-Founder & SVP have commented as follows.

I'm very excited that "this time, it was Kume a partnership with platform one. By in collaboration with" YIELDONE", to utilize a combination of data analysis or optimization features MediaMath originally has, We are confident that we can provide premium inventory that has an overwhelming scale and better performance to customers. MediaMath will continue to focus on business development in the ASEAN region the opportunity this partnership.