MediaMath by Infillion

Infillion has added MediaMath to its portfolio of products to take advantage of the scale and cutting-edge programmatic buying technology that made MediaMath one of the most groundbreaking companies in ad tech history.

The combined companies’ technology stacks provide advertisers with an end-to-end solution—from the attention-guaranteed video and unique first party data of Infillion, to uniquely customizable execution flawlessly delivered by MediaMath—that unlocks a simplified, more sophisticated omnichannel approach.

new platform updates
ctv offering
Flexible identity
Enhanced platform
Built for this moment, and the next.
Enhanced Platform

The MediaMath Platform empowers brands and agencies to take control of their marketing today and operate with flexibility to deliver efficient and effective omnichannel campaigns into the future.

Enhanced platform
Built for this moment, and the next.
CTV Offering

MediaMath’s CTV advertising solution gives brands the opportunity to have a 1:1 relationship with their customers across all screens with data-driven audience targeting.

Flexible Identity
Built for this moment, and the next
Flexible Identity

Connect with consumers through consent-based, cross-device identifiers. Activate and scale data with the world’s most flexible identity graph and be prepared for the future of identity.

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Modernized Ecosystem

100% of inventory now meets our enhanced criteria to guarantee supply chain trust and transparency. Our agnostic approach supports any ID system ahead of third-party cookie deprecation.

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Exceptional Partnership​​

Collaborate with consultative experts to get the most out of campaigns, platform features and functionalities.​

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