Helping Qiip increase installs through CPA campaigns


Installs generation

The client’s objective was to install the app nationwide, using different platforms (Facebook, Programmatic) to achieve it. They did not have a specific CPA KPI as this is the first time they activated campaigns in Programmatic.


Diversification of strategies that allowed a clear pacing and optimization to achieve the base objective. From using CPC and CTR strategies to maximize clicks, and from there looking for conversion, to using Adaptive Segments, which were built based on visits that were being collected.


April Conversions: 23

May Conversions: 232

June Conversions: 595

In Q2 there were a total of 850 conversions.

Conversions increased X25 from April to June.

The CPA for June, the month in which the best results were obtained, closed at: $444 ARS.

In total, the CPA was reduced by 96%.


Qiip is a “financial wellness” app, based in Mexico and Colombia. They help users to understand their relationship with money by supporting them in knowing how their finances are through the free services they offer: financial test, credit history, real time expense tracking, and then connect with the financial products they need. In Qiip you can save, apply for loans, buy insurance, take a credit card, among others.