Liquorland uses Display to drive brand awareness and recollection


Liquorland, a specialist New Zealand liquor retailer, was looking to drive awareness and brand recollection through a display campaign. Traditionally, Liquorland relied on a printed mailer to distribute key deals to potential customers but with print issues with its partner distributor due to global fall in supply, they no longer had the ability to print these as regularly as in the past. This provided a big opportunity to promote key liquor deals online and start more of an ‘always on’ digital presence, driving people to their website to view these deals and purchase in store and online.


Liquorland worked with their media agency Publicis, to develop and execute their always on approach display campaign. Their target audience was sociable kiwis AP18+ who show an interest in catching up with friends and family and having a drink, as well as people who have previously purchased from Liquorland stores or visited other liquor stores.

To reach their target audience, Liquorland utilised MediaMath’s partnerships with Captify and Oracle. They used Captify audience segments, which use search-based signals to give segments a scalable nature, to target sociable kiwis actively searching for liquor content (Alcoholic beverages, happy hours and food/drink). Oracle segments offered Liquorland a linear path to reach people having affinities towards alcoholic drinks. With its standard segment and grapeshot targeting tool, they set up targeting across grapeshot predicts segments: foodies, nightlife and millennials.

MediaMath Lookalike Audiences were also used to enable the campaign to reach people who are likely to be searching to buy liquor, engage with the ads and share a similar behaviour to Liquorland’s existing customers.

For brand recollection, MediaMath Marketplace was leveraged to curate premium PMP inventories to achieve specific KPIs. One of the marketplaces that was used was MediaMath’s Brand Engagement Marketplace to scale towards CTR across publishers like, and Yahoo.

Brand safety was also very important to Liquorland as their products are restricted to consumers of 18+. To not show ads to minor, they applied a heavy brand safety layer to ensure ads were only show to users 18+, curated a website whitelist and listed unwanted keywords.


This campaign delivered on two fronts – creating an always on strategy for Liquorland and promoting display ads as a replacement to print collateral. The campaign delivered more than 3 million impressions, 3.5k ad engagements and reached over 1.1 million people.

Oracle segments delivered more than 2k engagement and a CTR of 0.12%. Peak engagement periods took place from Thursday to Sunday on the online store and there was an increase in store visits. By targeting people who previously visited Liquorland stores, there was a peak engagement rate of 0.15% across the campaign lifetime.

Captify targeting delivered an engagement rate of 0.17% and reached over 29k users.

Brand recollection was high on the back of MediaMath Marketplace with an engagement rate of 0.14% on Stuff, NZH and TradeMe.

This campaign most importantly drove sales. Increasing total gross profit of 21.88%, and improved previous sales window performance +0.75% on a same store basis.


Publicis Groupe is a French multinational advertising and public relations company. One of the oldest and largest marketing and communications companies in the world by revenue, it is headquartered in Paris.

Liquorland is a specialist NZ liquor retailer formed in 1981 with 18 stores and has grown to over 150 stores nationwide. Liquorland is owned by Foodstuffs New Zealand Ltd, which has introduced an unrivalled depth of retailing, liquor and franchise experience to the chain.