Potencialize Digital run Display campaign through the MediaMath platform to increase conversions


Potencialize Digital’s client, a diaper company, was looking to run a competition called ‘Promo Cashback’, where users who purchased items from the client’s website would compete for a cashback reward. Through this campaign, they were looking to increase conversions.


Potencialize Digital managed the campaign directly through MediaMath’s platform. They used display advertising to reach a large inventory.

To reach their audience, Potencialize Digital used their client’s own 1st party data to retarget users that have previously bought products from their website and chose TailTarget and Peer39 as data providers for their interest and context strategies. In addition, geolocation targeting was also used to target those users in the same area as the client.


This campaign was extremely effective in such a short time and resulted in 256 conversions.


Potencialize Digital – Through our Virtual Assistant software installed on your website, we are able to drive sales on your website through a smarter customer journey. We are also a company specialized in Programmatic Media and we work in partnership with MediaMath and MediaSmart, two platforms with Global certifications and expertise. We provide services for planning, operating and optimizing programmatic campaigns and creating banners in standard formats.