Potencialize Digital achieve over 1.8 million impressions and 0.22% CTR for alcohol e-commerce brand


In India, where nearly six out of every ten liquor consumers are willing to purchase alcoholic beverages online if given the option, Potencialize Digital was looking for a way to increase conversions and CPA using display creatives with a limited budget, for their client, an alcohol e-commerce brand.


The flight time for this campaign was 18 days. To achieve optimal results, Potencialize Digital broke the campaign out into two parts. The first focused on prospection and the second focused on retargeting.

To reach the clients desired target audience, Potencialize Digital leveraged some of MediaMath’s partners such as IAS, DoubleVerify, Oracle, Navegg and Retargetly for their audience, contextual, look-a-like and retargeting strategies. They were looking to reach users that were interested in buying products like vodka, whiskey, gin and beer. Display creatives of different sizes were used to try and reach more inventory.

Aligning with client directions, all strategies were set to reach 60% viewability and broken down by device to be more accurate in the actions. The results were frequently reviewed and based on the data, new strategies were created with site lists and formats with better archives. To ensure better performance, frequency cap optimization by T1 was also used.


With such a short flight time and a limited budget, this campaign achieved some great results. By utilising MediaMath’s algorithm and data providers, over 1.8 million impressions and a CTR of 0.22% were delivered.


Potencialize Digital – Through our Virtual Assistant software installed on your website, we are able to drive sales on your website through a smarter customer journey. We are also a company specialized in Programmatic Media and we work in partnership with MediaMath and MediaSmart, two platforms with Global certifications and expertise. We provide services for planning, operating and optimizing programmatic campaigns and creating banners in standard formats.