Royal Enfield use DOOH to create awareness


Royal Enfield is one of the world’s oldest motorcycle brands. They wanted to create awareness of the new royal Enfield Hunter motorcycle using a both a static display and video creative.

To measure effectiveness the client added a QR code into the display creatives, to track how many users scan the code to discover more about the new features of the Royal Enfield bike, as well as generate leads for the client.

The target audience for the campaign was urban-class audiences living in cities, using modern facilities like corporate parks, bars and restaurants, malls, metro stations etc.

Activity is planned to run in two phases.


Royal Enfield partnered with PHD Media and chose to run on DOOH media via the MediaMath platfor. DOOH was chosen owing to its highly impactful brand visibility and concept of impression multiplier around high traffic areas.

The brand utilised the capability of MediaMath’s platform to host the creatives and setup Programmatic Guaranteed deals to target the DOOH Screen supply from Lemma. The campaign activity was also handled by MediaMath’s client success team.

The Lemma deal for the Royal Enfield’s DOOH inventory included supply from Restaurants and Bars, Shopping Malls, Corporate Parks, High Traffic roads and streets, etc. from 8 major metro cities.


The campaign was delivered on 168 DOOH Screens within Restaurants and Bars, Shopping Malls, Corporate Parks, High Traffic roads in 8 top metro cities, and the campaign delivered the planned impressions in full.

The campaign succeeded in delivering the initial goal to create awareness of the new Royal Enfield Hunter, in metro cities targeting the Urban class audiences living in metros, using modern facilities. The DOOH media was highly impactful in catching eyes of the audiences and creating brand visibility.

The campaign not just delivered the planned impressions but also delivered around 5% additional impressions as an added value.


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Royal Enfield is an Indian multinational motorcycle manufacturing company headquartered in Chennai. The Royal Enfield brand, including its original English heritage, is the oldest global motorcycle brand in continuous production. The company operates manufacturing plants in Chennai in India.