OMG Finland delivers DOOH for k-Rauta


K-Rauta, a Finnish DIY and building supplier and OMG Finland partnered to use MediaMath to raise awareness for K-Rauta’s lighting products.

The goal was to use MediaMath’s platform to access DOOH inventory to reach users, but thre was a challenge – direct buys always take precedence over programmatic, so how could OMG Finland guarantee the campaign would deliver?


OMG Finland came up with a creative concept for the campaign. As the goal was to promote K-Rauta’s lighting products, the ads should run on DOOH only in areas where it was dark. The campaign ran mainly in the evening, between 7pm-22pm.

The DOOH inventory belonged to JC Decaux, and was accessed via the integration between VIOOH and MediaMath. To make sure the impressions were secured at the right time of day, OMG Finland used a Programmatic Guaranteed buy, this meant OMG FInland and K-Rauta were guaranteed to receive the impressions they needed to deliver the campaign.


The campaign was highly effective at achieving reach and scale.

Over 623,000 impressions have been delivered to date across 13 different DOOH locations.

The campaign had greatest reach on Friday and Saturday nights, with just under 30,000 impressions on its highest performing day.

By only running during the night-time hours, OMG Finland were able to deliver K-Rauta a lighting campaign that was not only highly impactful, but also cost-efficient.


Omnicom Group Inc. is an American global media, marketing and corporate communications holding company, headquartered in New York City. Omnicom Group Inc.

K-retailers running building and home improvement stores operate in the K-Rauta chain, which is the industry leader in Finland.