Lotame and MediaMath Prove Cookieless Targeting Can Drive Addressability in the Future

Lotame Panorama ID™ reaches more people, more efficiently in cookieless third-party data test


With the demise of the third-party cookie on the near horizon, this leading global financial brand wanted to get ahead of testing identity solutions to preserve data connectivity and addressability. Third-party data is core to their strategy to achieve a more panoramic view of known and unknown consumers for persona building and targeting purposes. The brand sought the help of several partners — Lotame, MediaMath, and their agency — to test the viability of a cookieless third-party data targeting strategy across all browser environments. Would the brand’s precisely-crafted personas still work to engage its audiences post-cookie?


The agency worked with Lotame to build audiences that reflected their finely crafted personas. The brand had done extensive research to understand the changing affluent Mexican consumer post-pandemic. Two consumer archetypes showed continued interest in physical activities, traveling locally or abroad. In an A/B test, creative would focus on the myriad travel and tourism deals open to consumers with the brand’s tools at their disposal.

Lotame provided high-quality third-party data to transform the brand’s personas into targetable audiences. Using the same age and intent travel parameters, both cookie segments and cookieless segments (using Lotame Panorama ID™) were created. Both sets of segments were shared with MediaMath for activation and optimization. MediaMath has updated its platform to be built for this moment and the next, providing marketers the stability they need to drive performance now while also remaining flexible as the industry rapidly evolves. They give marketers choice when it comes to evaluating the identifier best suited to their business needs and offer easy activation and expert help when needed.


Cookieless targeting not only worked, but it also performed better than the cookie campaigns across all browsers. Lotame and MediaMath successfully proved that third-party audience targeting in a cookieless world is not only viable but delivers greater efficiencies and reach.

Greater Reach in Cookie & Cookieless Environments

  • 31% lift in impressions in all browsers — cookie-restricted and cookie-present
  • 22% incremental cookieless reach in Chrome with Panorama ID

More Efficient and Cost-Effective

While the average eCPM for an impression served on Panorama ID was slightly more expensive, the cookieless strategy was more efficient and effective in reaching unique individuals.

2.5X more efficient frequency capping with Panorama ID

In Mexico, Panorama ID’s representation of an individual is equivalent to 2.51 cookies. When frequency capping is set to three, the campaign is served 3x to an individual via Panorama ID. But with a cookie strategy, an individual could see the campaign up to 7 times or more.

~44% more unique individuals reached

Thanks to Panorama ID, the brand reached new people that they wouldn’t have reached due to the absence of cookies.

Cookies proved 116% more expensive than Panorama ID delivered campaign


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