Lifemiles drive travel bookings with the MediaMath platform


Lifemiles is one of the largest loyalty programmes in Latin America, allowing people to earn points on their travel and tickets. They wanted to drive more consumers to sign up to their program by running an engaging advertising campaign. Budget was limited, and the campaign was aimed at reaching a tourist and travel audience.

KPIS: Sales conversions

  • Target bid price $5.50
  • Target CPA $300


Lifemiles managed everything directly through the MediaMath platform. The campaign used display formats, as well as Spaceback, a social media extension format which allowed the brand to use social creatives across the open web. These formats are often more engaging than standard display, while running outside of the social media platforms delivers incremental reach.

To reach their audience, Lifemiles used a combination of their own proprietary 1st party audience data as well as contextual segments aimed at the tourism and travel audience, to extend the scale of the campaign.

A whitelist was also used to ensure the campaign ran within the most relevant environments.

To guarantee brand safety, Lifemiles overlaid Oracle’s segments.


Lifemiles’ campaign outperformed its benchmarks across the board.

The target bid price was beaten by 57%, while the CPA was reduced by over 10%.

  • Target bid price $5.50
  • Bid price achieved $3.50
  • Target CPA $300
  • CPA achieved $269


LifeMiles is the loyalty program of Avianca and the miles you can earn are also known as LifeMiles. This program is a bit different from other airline frequent flyer programs as it is owned by a separate, legal business.